Happy Birthday, ShipRocked! Thanks to creator Alan Koenig, you have hit 10 years of being the best, and one of the most successful, music-themed booze cruises on the planet (which just happens to also have a crew of tattoo artists captained by Southbay Mike).

Mischievous Mel could have talked with Alan for hours, but out of respect for his time and all of us needed to get lunch before we passed out from hunger pains, we shortened our interview to less than 15 minutes. So… what did they talk about? The concept of ShipRocked, some history, how ShipRocked chooses the bands that play, tattoo’s, and they talk about some of the different bands that have played the first 10 years and more. So, get all the ShipRocked info you want to know and hear from the man behind the party, the creator of  ShipRocked – Alan Koenig, right here…

ShipRocked 2020

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