Miss Olivia & The Interlopers just dropped a tasty two-track teaser of their forthcoming debut album, Little Stories, slated to drop later this year. The band will tour the west coast beginning in June.

Based in Tucson, Arizona, the band is made up of Olivia Reardon (vocals), David Hostetler (bass), Mike Sydloski (guitar), and Daniel Thomas (drums).

Their sound is “a pinch of Erykah Badu soul, a drope of the gospel-tinged blues of The Black Crowes and a mish-mash of everything that has helped to shape us over the years.”

The band got together after Miss Olivia moved from L.A. to Tucson and hooked up with The Interlopers. While in L.A., Miss Olivia was invited by Slash to sit in with Guns N’ Roses. Her knock ‘em dead voice led to more gigs.

Before Miss Olivia arrived on the scene, Sidloski and Hostetler formed a Pink Floyd tribute band, called Atom Heart Mother, which is where they met Thomas. When Atom Heart Mother was in need of a female backup singer, Hostetler reached out to Miss Olivia, whom he had met during a previous recording project. As soon as Miss Olivia began singing, jaws dropped. She was fantastic. They decided to create a female fronted band – Miss Olivia & The Interlopers.

The first track is entitled “Leaving You Behind,” and opens on a cool shuffle topped by soft, glittering guitars. When Miss Olivia’s distinctive, killer voice enters the tune rockets to another level of persuasive jazzy R&B flavors. This is a strong female voice, full of scrumptious creamy textures and beau coup sonic allure.

“Blacklisted” rides a tight jazz groove with suave accents from Sidloski’s guitar. Although the song starts off low-slung, it soon ramps up with muscular bluesy energy as the melody goes hypertrophic. The contrast between the two harmonic levels, one soft, the other dirty and powerful, adds pungency, as Miss Olivia struts her slayer-like tones.

Both tracks are superb. Miss Olivia & The Interlopers really hold it down with their smooth potent sound, and Miss Olivia’s marvelous diva’s voice.

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