Singer-songwriter Michael Bruner just released the music video for his new single, “Don’t Mean Broken,” via Instru Dash Mental Records.

Bruner explains the inspiration for the song, “When I lost contact with a dear friend, I wrote this song as a message to her, in the hope that she would find strength from within.  “Don’t Mean Broken” speaks to those who may lose direction in the co-dependence of others.”

Based in Bloomington, Indiana, Bruner wears a variety of hats, including musician, songwriter, producer, and visual artist. In addition to his solo projects, Bruner has worked with Rodrigo Cotelo, Ella Poletti, Mothcircuit, Kacie Swierk, Sipe, and Jack Glover.

Bruner debuted with his EP, Transmit, when he was 18-years-old, followed by erecting a professional home studio. Recently, his original and unreleased song “Midst of a Mistake” was showcased in the Pop/Top 40 genre at Nashville’s International Songwriting Competition.

“Don’t Mean Broken” opens on a delicately elegant acoustic guitar topped by Bruner’s evocative tenor. Then the tune flows into a reggae-lite flavored melody with a potent bass line holding down the bottom, as a tight sidestick handles the percussion.

I love the rim-shot accents on the snare, signaling a shift in the harmonic flow. Light, dreamy backing vocals imbue the tune with gentle radiance, followed by a keening flute flowing into a brilliant guitar solo.

Bruner’s voice, lush with an inflected frisson, imbues the lyrics with cool, tropical flavors. And when he goes falsetto, the luminous tones provide a luscious sonic gleam.

The video, directed by Andrew Torbenson, Sam Oats, and Michael Bruner, narrates the tale of a young woman involved in an sporadic relationship that’s probably unhealthy and fleeting. Bruner tells her that “alone don’t me broken / You got too much goin’.”

“Don’t Mean Broken” is excellent, full of delicious reggae flavors, a buff rhythm, and the expressive tones of Michael Bruner’s pleasing voice.

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