“The show must go on.” That is all I could think about as I sat next to Phil Labonte of All That Remains as we chatted about so much more than music. “Being on stage is Cathartic for us, and Oli would have wanted it that way (for the band to continue)”. Aaron Patrick, bassist for ATR, reached out to Jason Richardson because, not only is he a guitar great at only 27 years old, Oli was a fan of his. He told us “Keep an eye on that guy” and that he (Jason) was probably “the best guitarist in the world”.

What an honor for Jason to have, in my opinion, one of the top 5 guitarists in the world be a fan of yours. Phil went on to say that “We did not want someone who looked the part (a long-haired metal guy) to fit the visual, but could not play, to come in (and fill Oli’s position).” Additionally, Phil stated, “It only seemed right that we had him try out, and not only did he fit musically, but we all got along… we all clicked.” If you want the full scoop, just hit this link to hear all what Phil had to say

All That Remains

Jason Richardson with All That Remains at The Rave in Milwaukee, WI. Photo by Mischievous Mel

So what else did we chat with Phil about? Well, there is our bitcoin and mining operation discussion, we learn who writes the lyrics for the band and Phil’s views on peoples interpretations of those lyrics,, what the band stands for, what Phil listens to when he is lifting, and more.

After the interview we got to see the band on stage, headlining their current tour. As a fan I can tell you the band is as strong as ever and their passion on stage is as real as ever. All That Remains continues to be at the top of their game. The new album ‘Victim of the New Disease’ is from top to bottom nothing but badass. In the interview, Phil talks about if you are a fan of songs like “What if I was Nothing”, you’re probably not going to seek out the harder cuts from the band, and vice versa. It is fair to say that All That Remains has been a band that has stayed true to what they want to write, play and put out. This album (the last with Oli Herbert) is true to their independent heritage.

Also taking the stage was Attila, who was direct support, and Escape the Fate. Both bands had great circle pits, and the fans were asses to elbows.



Attila at The Rave, Milwaukee, WI. Photo by Rockwell Anderson

Escape the Fate

Escape the Fate

Escape the Fate at The Rave, Milwaukee, WI. Photo by Rockwell Anderson

The night opened with a band from Minnesota – Sleep Signals. Wow! Keep an eye and ear out for these boys. They were fucking epic.

Sleep Signals

Sleep Signals at The Rave in Milwaukee, WI. Photo by Rockwell Anderson

Written by Melissa “Mischievous Mel” Anderson – Photo’s by Rockwell and Melissa Anderson

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