The Derek Woods band just dropped their new album, From Now Until Then, a collection of nine-tracks of ‘60s/’70s-flavored rock/Americana.

Made up of Derek Woods (guitar, harmonica, vocals), Joshua Carns (lead guitar), Chris Schaney (bass), and Chris Belin (drums), the band got together in L.A., in 2012. Since then, they have performed at venues across the U.S., sharing the stage with Leon Russell, Devon Allman/Duane Betts, Lukas Nelson, Rusted Root, Lisa Marie Presley, Tim Reynolds, Jimmy Herring, and Cheech & Chong.

The first track on the album is “Fall Of The Cards,” riding a smooth, jazz-flavored rock tune, full of rippling guitar riffs. The rhythm, sexy and quixotic, travels on a fat bass line and stellar drum accents. A dazzling guitar solo, light yet potently lingering, infuses the tune with radiant creaminess.

Highlights include “Sea of Swaying People, featuring a dreamy, psychedelic intro seguing into a compact and driving Americana melody. A carefully controlled weeping guitar imbues the harmonics with oozing textures, as Woods’ rasping, urgent voice glides overhead.

“Soul Under Control” exudes hues of Spanish-country-lite flavors, as gleaming guitars chuff and trickle on luminous tender colors. The retro washes of color give the tune a delicious cashmere flow, nuanced and tasty.

“Built To Spill” delivers twangy bluesy timbres streaming forth on bravura piano tones topped by drawling guitars. Woods’ voice takes on a down-home inflection tight with roiling blues flavors and melancholy savors.

“Much Better Now” kicks the energy level up two or three notches, riding an alt-country-flavored melody backed by a simmering organ, along with strong vocal harmonies. A sparkling guitar imbues the tune with ebullience.

The title track opens on glistening riffs and a taut, sparse bass line flowing into a Mid-Western Americana tune. Resonant backing vocals emphasize the fervent passion of Woods’ evocative voice. I love the gentle wail of the harmonica on this track.

On From Now Until Then, the Derek Woods Band delivers scrumptious Americana-laced music rife with retro-rock energy.

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