SullenTV was at The Gasoline Gallery in Venice, CA for the 2nd Against the Grain Art Show – The Skateboard Deck as Art, featuring amazing artists like The Pizz, Damian Fulton, Sara Ray, Gustavo Rimada, 3 Sheets, Damien King, Chase Tafoya, Steve Caballero, Bruce Gossett, Ryan Mullins, Scott Aicher, Alpha 6, Big Toe, blutt, FourEyes, Mike Strachan, Rob Struven, ScarecrowOven, Vince Felix, Nick Manning, Cole Strem, Dave Warshaw, Oscar Montes, Q, Butcher, Jay Hollopeter, Mike Lemos, Bruce Parker, Rev, Skully, J-Sin, Kris Chisholm, Christine Benjamin, Ric Farley, “TIKI” Thomas Fernandez, Josh Scott, and many more!!!,,,

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