The Hell City Tattoo Fest was Camila Rocha’s stop on the Rockstar Energy Inked Up World Tour 2013. Check out Camila’s amazing tattoo work and beauty and learn about her times at Kat Von D’s, High Voltage Tattoo and her future in the New York Academy of Art in New York City.
On these portraits (paintings and drawings), I strive to invite the viewer to watch a monolog as a spectator to this one singular feeling that I experienced as a person.
Memories of the life around me, people who shape me, who intrigue me.

As a young painter my challenge is to create a mood using the medium. As a researcher and an eternal student I have attempted to use different materials and surfaces to work on, to push myself in different approaches to convey this impression. More often I choose to express myself in a visual language, as if in a spiritual dream , melancholic and sublime, thus Romanticist, working with normal life models and evoking a hint of drama, as If I was writing a poem in a canvas or paper, trying to capture the momentum in which I feel more connected to a specific feeling that I wanted to be expressed.,,,,

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