Sullen TV covered the second stop of the Rockstar Inked Up World Tour in Sydney, Australia and caught up with Featured Artist Teneile Napoli! Check out her Artist Spotlight!

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Teniele Napoli was born the eldest of 3 children on March 25th 1983. Her first love of art became apparent a t a very early and from the age of 4 years she would draw every minute she could. Her respect for art has never wavered since her first drawing, always insisting on creating her art on paper. Even as a toddler, she never drew on the walls or tables.
Her first subjects of admiration were fish, the way they swam and their colors would make beautiful contours, shades and reflections which fascinated the budding artist. Drawing after drawing ensued. Even at a young age this perfectionist kept drawing until her young mind was satisfied with her rendition.
Teneile later went on to sharpen her skills at Southbank College and graduated with distinction in 2003.
Her interests in tattoos peaked in 2005 when she apprenticed under Shane Little whose life like portraits and attention to detail encouraged her to push harder and bring her tattoos to life. He was an excellent teacher and they are still very close friends.
Her first tattoo was on her then partner. It was a chest tattoo with the words Australian Made.
Teneile is a very proud mother of two and dedicates all her free time to her children. Amity, her eldest child was born 2003 followed in 2007 by Kurtis.
Working in the tattoo world as an aspiring and very attractive young female alongside tough men, who usually dominated the profession, came with its fair share of hurdles, but Teneile’s determination and artistic flair soon overrode the early criticisms from her peers.
The death of her father had a massive impact on this young artist. Being a Daddy’s girl, Teneile was shaken to the core. He had always been her motivator and at one time had pushed her to be a tri athletic. Her father was her biggest fan but was equally critical; giving her the much needed determination to push her skills as hard as she could, anything to please her hero. In his eyes she would always do well but if she was going to shoot for the moon she may as well shoot for the stars.
After her father passed her tattoos became almost lifelike and her focus gradually shifted to drawing women. Once again the soft contours and shadings of the feminine form were a source of fascination and tattoo after tattoo began to emerge, each one a little more advanced then the last one. Teneile Napoli was fast becoming renowned in Australia as one of the best grey scale portrait artists in the country.
As with most tattooists Teneile began experimenting with color and the macabre which she proved herself equally skilled. Teneile’s work goes from strength to strength and she is now associated with some of the world’s most famous Ink artists.
On May 23rd 2010 Teneile opened her first shop alongside business partner Nicci Appleyard and the very unique’ Garage Ink — Tattoo Hair & Beauty was born. Teneile is appreciative of the move to incorporate both the Ink and the Beauty as she feels she may not have had the shove needed to open the shop had her friend Nicci not been with her.
The beauty part of the studio has now gone however this leaves room for some of the most talented artists in the world to do guest spots when they reach Australian shores. Teneile Napoli will no doubt climb very fast in this competitive world because not only does she have an extraordinary talent but she also has a drive, vision and motivation level found in few. She deserves every one of the countless trophies she has received.

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