SullenTV Presents Cat Marini’s behind the scenes Sullen Angels shoot with Nicole Caldwell!

Music by: Matt Casket,

Cat Marini Biography:

Measurements: 36-29-36
Hometown: West Jordan, UT
Tattoos?: Yes 🙂 Currently about 170 hours and counting
Music: Depends on my mood, I love music!
Favorite Artists: Rich Pineda, Nikko, Gustavo, Noah, the list goes on!
Can’t Live Without: Family, my doggy baby (Capt. Barbossa), music and tattoos!
First Tattoos: Two small stars on my stomach, I was feeling rebellious! Haha
Started modeling: I was 17 but, didn’t fit the mold so I stopped for awhile and got back into it about 2 years ago and decided to go full force in dedicating hard work to “make it” if you will, including moving to CA to be closer to Sullen 🙂
Favorite Tattoo: I wish I could say I have a favorite tattoo but I have a lot! I do really love my zedonk carousel horse 🙂

Personal note: I was told for a long time I was ‘too this” or “too that” to model. I refused to let anyone keep me from working towards my dream and this last few years have proved that not giving up will get you where you want. Being a Sullen Angel was my biggest modeling dream and I’ve only been too blessed to do it. I’ a bit of a tom boy, a Disney freak and a lover of all things art.

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