SullenTV headed down to Long Beach California for another year at Ink n Iron. SullenTV host Bernadette Macias caught up with a few artist well she was there such as Moni Marino, Carl Grace, Lalo, Derek Noble, Mick Squires and Big Meas.

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Moni Marino is starting with tattoo since 1993. In Europe and across the World, She is known mainly as a specialist for Photorealistic Portrait, Chicano and Mexican Style in full color .

Carl Grace has been an artist his entire life. Carl’s artistic style was influenced early by a youth spent in placement homes, camps, jail, and prison. Carl began his journey in 1998 with a tattoo apprenticeship under Boston John at Skin Grafix in Arcadia, California. He moved to Tucson, Arizona to begin working with fellow tattoo artist Joshua Hagen at Sacred Art Tattoo. It was working at Sacred Art Tattoo with Joshua where these two artists really began to come into their own as professionals. Becoming a name in the tattoo industry demands hard work, sacrifice, and time. Since 2009, Carl has attended over 100 tattoo conventions as an artist and has been a featured guest artist in many tattoo shops around the country. Carl’s tattoo work has also been published in tattoo magazines, including full spreads in Freshly Inked and Skin & Ink. In 2011, Carl moved to Las Vegas to join the team at Seven Tattoo Studio.

Derek Noble has been tattooing for almost 10 years. He currently tattoos at Lucky Devil on Capitol Hill in Washington. His favorite style of tattooing is based on the foundation of traditional with a creepy dark twist. His ideal client is someone that has an idea of what they want in order to give him direction, but also allowing him artistic freedom for the tattoo itself. The artist that inspires him the most is Jay Cooper among many other big names. His advice for young tattoo artists is to love what you do and to also pay your do’s. The most positive thing happening in the tattoo industry today is the artistic and talent level has risen drastically according to Derek. Derek’s way of giving back to the tattoo community is working with and helping the younger generation of artist excel up in any way that he can.

Lalo Yunda from “Ink Master” is one of the contestants in Season 2 of the Spike TV reality tattoo competition series. He is a tattoo artist at Sacred Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York. He has 20 years of experience. Lalo Yunda (“Ink Master”) grew up in Colombia, South America and instead of focusing on his schoolwork in class, he would mischievously cut his skin and fill the open wounds with ink. Lalo believes that communication is the cornerstone of being a great tattoo artist. He works closely with his clients in creating his designs and specializes in what he calls “magical realism,” a specific style of tattooing which blends magical elements with the real world.

Mick Squires: My style is realism; colour realism is what I usually get asked to do. Although I love black and grey tattooing. I really enjoy heavily contrasted pieces that just punch. But if I’m asked by my client do what I want to do, it usually involves mixing illustrated imagery with realism, its so much fun to create something from scratch right out of your head or from a reference of a photo and convert it into a traditional tattoo with hard lines and solid, bold colour and then mix it in with hyper detailed, no lines realism. Mick currently works at Behind Closed Doors Tattoo Studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Big Meas: All of the years of writing graffiti has definitely impacted Big Meas’ fascination with drawing letters. Lettering requires a certain skill that a lot of artists seem to never develop. He is not one of them. Big Meas, Lettering Tattoo Master, takes his lettering seriously and gives nothing less that 100% on each and every design. His smooth strokes and steady hand have earned him a fantastic reputation among his clients and his teammates for being a class act at what he does. It also has set the foundation for his own personal style, being recognized and appreciated in the tattoo industry far and wide!

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