SullenTV headed down to Long Beach California for the 2014 Ink n Iron Convetion with Host Bernadette Macias. Watch as we caught up with a few artist while such as Boris, Jess Yen, Carlos Torres, Alan Padilla, Robert Atkinson, Shay Bredimus and Roman Abrego.

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Boris Tattoo was born in 1972 in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary. He made his first tattoos in 1992 with a still amateur equipment. He opened his first studio in his native city in 1995, which operated until 2012 then was moved to Vienna in the same year. He mainly works in fantasy and realistic styles of which boundaries he pushes with great curiosity. He is up to unique individual ideas as it inspires his imagination; at the same time freedom in creation is very important to him in general.

Jess Yen: With over 16 years of tattooing experience, Jess Yen is the fearless leader and creator of My Tattoo Family. He offers services in both electrical tattoo machine and traditional hand-poked tattooing (known as Tebori). He is a multi-awarded artist by both national and international tattoo conventions. His specialties are Oriental body suit and realistic portraits in both color and black & gray. He is known as a master of New School Oriental art style where you find elements of realism and materialism in his tattoo.

Carlos Torres has been tattooing for about 15 years. Mostly self-taught, he worked at a couple of tattoo shops before he got his big break at So. Cal Tattoo in San Pedro CA. Specializing in Black & Gray realism, he loves doing all tattoos, color, portraits, etc. He began painting about 7 years ago and has a deep passion for it. Carlos works and owns Timeline Gallery in San Pedro CA. It is there where he is afforded the time to travel and do conventions worldwide. Carlos is a worldwide multi-award winner.

Artist Alan Padilla never set a date on the day he began tattooing but thirteen years ago, a tattoo shop offered to buy some of Alan’s artwork to use for future tattoos. “I was surprised to find out that I could make money off of my art. That kind of opened the doors for me to start tattooing.” It’s been eight years since he has been tattooing full-time, but Alan still doesn’t consider himself a professional. “Every time that I work with great artists, I learn more. I really hope that my art will inspire a young generation, since I had people that inspired me. I want people to know that they should never give up on any goal that they may have in life because anything is possible and I’m an example of that.”

Robert Atkinson is a native of Los Angeles who started his career air brushing t-shirts. In 1996 he was invited to work at Royal Tattoo in Denmark. After a few years of doing mostly tribal tattoos, he left Denmark and moved to Holland to work at Dragon Tattoo in Eindhoven. There he laid the roots of what would become his signature western oriental style of tattooing. Robert now works privately at Dolorosa Tattoo, 11930 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA. Robert collaborates with his clients on the subject matter and composition of his tattoos. His greatest demand is Japanese inspired, large scale work, but he does like to mix it up and do different things.

Shay Bredimus: A figurative painter and renowned tattoo artist, Bredimus employs languid and gestural marks using tattoo ink on drafting film to portray spontaneous and personal moments of his models. He adds aesthetic influences from Japanese tattoo and Ukiyo-e prints. A survivor of a traumatic brain injury that occurred at age ten Bredimus relates, “After the accident visual language became my first language and primary mode of expression, solidifying my life in the visual arts”.

Roman Abrego is a seasoned tattoo artist specializing in portraits and color realism, Roman was introduced to tattooing at a young age. His unique experiences, professionally and personally, have more than prepared him for anything and everything that will come his way. He loves to do color portraits and bio mechanical or whatever else pops into his head. Owner of Artistic Element (Yucaipa, CA) and Artistic Element 2 in Los Angeles, CA. Roman was honored with the Tattoo Society’s Artist of the Year Award in 2009 and 2010 and was featured on Best Ink.

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