Sullen TV continues the Rockstar Energy Sullen Clothing Inked Up World Tour to stop 5 in Baltimore, MD! Watch as Bernadette Macias catches up with Roman Abrego, Hardt, Josh Hagan, and James Vaughn!


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Roman Abrego is a seasoned tattoo artist specializing in portraits and color realism, Roman was introduced to tattooing at a young age when his uncle Jerry gave him his first tattoo machine. He features his talents worldwide and does guest spots at tattoo shops around the world. Family is central to Roman’s life, as he has two daughters. His unique experiences, professionally and personally, have more than prepared him for anything and everything that will come his way. He loves to do color portraits and bio mechanical or whatever else pops into his head. His shop is called Artistic Element (Yucaipa, CA) because “Before we were tattoo artists we were all artists and we bring that element into our tattoos.” He also owns Artistic Element 2 in Los Angeles, CA. Roman was honored with the Tattoo Society’s Artist of the Year Award in 2009 and 2010 and was featured on Best Ink.

Hardt Von Sachs has been piercing for over 20 years and managing Tattoo and Piercing Shops for over 15 years. Hardt started piercing in April of 1993 while in the military as a Special Forces Medic. Shortly after leaving the military in December 1994, Hardt opened Sachs Piercing & Tattoos in Albequerque, New Mexico and shortly thereafter opened his second location in Durango, Colorado. After managing and owning two successful tattoo and piercing shops he decided to move on and help out other shops in need. Hardt has spent the past 16 years growing and managing tattoo and piercing shops including, Cold Steel Piercing Studio, Body Piercing Unilimited, Sachs Piercing & Tattoos (helping out the new owners), Master Pierce Body Piercing, among others. He knows the ins and outs of the industry. On top of his expertise in the Piercing world, Hardt also has a degree in Psychology and Business Graphics, and attended several piercing schools including Gauntlet Basic & Advanced Piercing School, Fakir Musafar Basic & Advanced Piercing Schools, and Exotic Body Piercing School. He currently pierces at The Studio at Painful Pleasures.

Josh Hagan: Born and raised in Long Beach, Southern California, I got my first tattoo when I was 15 years old and was instantly fascinated with the art. At 17 years old, I was arrested and put in jail for protecting my mother from a couple of drunks. It was an unfortunate event in my life, but it gave me the time, patience, and motivation, to really concentrate on my art. As soon as I put the pencil to paper, it was an addiction I could not stop. I instantly had a hunger to be the best I could be. It didn’t turn into tattooing until about 9 years later. I had some regular jobs, manual labor and such, ’till one day I realized it just wasn’t the life I wanted to be living. I knew I could be more. The next day, I got into my car and went to every shop ’till I found an artist that I was comfortable learning from. I took an apprenticeship under Lenny Mental and Johnny Jinx at Sacred Art Tattoo in Tucson, AZ. I originally wanted to do black and grey, but it didn’t take long to see my true passion was in color. It has been a long road, but I have learned for some of the most amazing artists. If I could give one piece of advice to an upcoming artist, it would be that the only thing you need to succeed is motivation. I don’t believe in talent, I believe in hard work and dedication to true art.

With over 20 years experience James Vaughn has become one of North Carolina’s most awarded and respected custom tattoo artists in the industry. James has two North Carolina tattoo parlors- Straight A Tattoo in Asheboro, NC and Emerald City Tattoo & Piercing in Greensboro NC. Although he specializes in neo-traditional Japanese art, James’ style and creativity is boundless. While appearing on Spike TV’s hit show, INK MASTERS, James Vaughn became a household name with his southern sayings and dry humor.

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