Sullen TV continues the Rockstar Energy Sullen Clothing Inked Up World Tour to stop 5 in Baltimore, MD! Watch as Bernadette Macias catches up with Jason Ackerman, Timmy B, Bili Vegas and Megan Jean Morris.

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My name is Jason Ackerman, I have been tattooing for 7 years in South Florida and am an award-winning artist .I began my tattoo career in Boca Raton where I apprenticed at Big Kahuna Tattoo. Since parting from Big Kahuna, I’ve made a home back in Boca at my own shop A Stroke Of Genius . Throughout my profession, I’ve been fortunate enough to incorporate traveling to various guest spots and conventions, which are a pinnacle to me in this business. I enjoy the opportunities to tattoo among some of the best and most inspiring artists around while visiting locations that allow me to remain accessible to my clients. Most of my time is devoted to tattooing and producing pieces that I’m ardent over. Due to the fact that I’m constantly able to combine my work ethics and love for art, tattooing has become my life and the time and effort that I put into drawing and tattooing allows me to produce work in a style that I love. My tattoos are a culmination of anything bright, creepy, and loud with my own twist on it. I’m highly influenced by the new school scene and am honored to be able to contribute to it. My goal is to grow with the tattoo industry and my peers, while maintaining the passion that I feel for the pieces I create.

Timmy B – currently living and tattooing in Long Island, NY; soon to open up a shop in North Hampton, MA. Timmy has been tattooing for almost 9 years now. His Can Art consisted of the actual word “Rockstar” as pertaining to musicians. It then transpired to his own passion in music, which then interpreted to his decision to create a base headstock with some popular traditional imagery of snakes and roses on the can art. Timmy started out doing a lot of realism mostly before social media really began. Timmy stated “After seeing the kind of realism artists out there like Nikko, Roman, Mike DeVries, I pretty much stopped doing realism pretty quick.” (laughing) He ended up going to work for a traditional artist that really knew how to “light a fire under my ass for sure.” Timmy B said, “Being apart of the Rockstar Energy Inked Up Tour is humbling. I’m pretty much in competition with my idols.” While at the Detroit Expo Timmy did two phenomenal pieces. The first was a re-work from a previous Detroit year, a hairdresser type of neo-traditional tattoo keeping to pinks and purples to keep it girly. The other tattoo was a “fancy gentleman goat looking back as if he is mad at a bartender for giving him some bad scotch.” Timmy B is part owner of Tattoo Afterlife in Huntington NY and has 4 cats.

Bili Vegas: I have been passionate about art since I had the dexterity to hold a crayon or cover myself in finger paint. As a child living in New York, I was able to experience the many museums and galleries densely packed in and around Manhattan. From early on, I was also exposed to my brother in-law’s tattoo shop a few hours away. It was only a matter of time before I began my apprenticeship at a small custom shop on Long Island. I am currently working at Tattoo Ritual in Farmingdale, NY . I prefer to work with hyper-realism, portraiture, biomech, and some newskool; however I also love to take on new challenges and difficult tasks. I enjoy the smell of gasoline, steak dinner, and my favorite song is Lick my love pump (in D minor.) Bili is currently working and accepting appointments at Tattoo Afterlife in NY.

Megan Jean Morris, the owner of Painted Souls Tattoo, is a tattoo artist and a painter. She specializes in portraits, realism, and surrealism in black and grey or color. In 2005, Megan Jean worked and studied as an apprentice under Adam Gordon at Mr.Adam’s Tattoos in Farmington, Maine. She continued working at Mr. Adam’s for five years while developing an understanding for the many different aspects of tattooing.

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