SullenTV Presents The Rockstar Energy and Sullen Clothing Inked Up Tour Stop 8 Seattle Part 1 of 3 featuring Damon Conklin, Derek Noble and Whitney Fromm interviewed by Bernadette Macias!

Music by: Matt Casket,,,,,,,,,

Damon Conklin: Owner of SuperGenius, and founder of The Annual Seattle Tattoo Convention. Damon has been featured in every major tattoo publication around the world, as well as many “mainstream” publications such as Smithsonian. Skin Art magazine has dubbed Conklin among “today’s top 20 most influential tattooists”

Derek Noble has been tattooing for almost 10 years. He currently tattoos at Lucky Devil on Capitol Hill in Washington. His favorite style of tattooing is based on the foundation of traditional with a creepy dark twist. His ideal client is someone that has an idea of what they want in order to give him direction, but also allowing him artistic freedom for the tattoo itself. The artist that inspires him the most is Jay Cooper among many other big names. His advice for young tattoo artists is to love what you do and to also pay your do’s. The most positive thing happening in the tattoo industry today is the artistic and talent level has risen drastically according to Derek. The main thing he believes in educating the public regarding tattoos is to do your research. To be careful about whom you allow tattooing you. The cheaper the tattoo probably means the cheaper the work will be. Derek’s way of giving back to the tattoo community is working with and helping the younger generation of artist excel up in any way that he can.

Whitney Fromm: Owner and Artist at Paradox Tattoo Gallery. It is a unique custom tattoo studio.

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