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Kyle Cotterman: Owner and Artist at Distinction Tattoo in Dayton, OH.

Lyle Tuttle started tattooing in 1949, at 17 years of age. He is commonly credited with introducing the art to the mainstream and helping legitimize it as an art form. Tuttle got his first tattoo when he was 14, a heart with the word “Mother”. Lyle Tuttle Tattoos, the shop he ran in San Francisco for 30 years, welcomed thousands of clients over the course of its existence. Tuttle effectively retired from tattooing 15 years ago, but he can still be found at tattoo conventions around the world, giving seminars and telling his fantastic stories wherever he goes.

Mick Squires: My style is realism; colour realism is what I usually get asked to do. Although I love black and grey tattooing. I really enjoy heavily contrasted pieces that just punch. But if I’m asked by my client do what I want to do, it usually involves mixing illustrated imagery with realism, its so much fun to create something from scratch right out of your head or from a reference of a photo and convert it into a traditional tattoo with hard lines and solid, bold colour and then mix it in with hyper detailed, no lines realism. Mick currently works at Behind Closed Doors Tattoo Studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Sabina Kelley has established herself as a true, modern day, pinup and icon. With a wide international presence, she has graced dozens of magazine covers as well as major ad campaigns, television, music videos, calendars, and so much more. She is highly respected in her field and has been sought out by some of the top photographers in the business including David LaChapelle and the legendary, Bunny Yeager. Sabina has been modeling professionally for over 11 years and dancing since the age of two. She is professionally trained in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and pointe. She went from a small town ballerina to a big time Las Vegas showgirl performing in Jubilee for 2 1/2 years at Ballys Hotel. She is currently training to headline her first ever burlesque dance show.While modeling with a lot of tattoos goes against the industry norms, Sabina has been very successful in the mainstream-modeling world. Standing at a statuesque 5’10″ with platinum blonde hair, gorgeous features, and tattoos, she has gained the respect of many in the industry. Her success is due in part to her incredible versatility. She is the best when it comes to pinup modeling, but also specializes in fashion, glamour, fetish, swimsuit, and lingerie shoots. Sabina shows the world that you can be heavily tattooed and still be beautiful, classy, and sexy. She loves to push the boundaries and take tattoos to whole new level in the mainstream fashion world. Sabina owns her own laser tattoo removal business called Bombshell Tattoo Removal. She is also a permanent judge on the new TV show “Best Ink”. The 3rd season is currently airing Wednesday nights on Oxygen at 10pm/9c. Sabina is a model, tv star, business woman, and mother, and she manages to do it all with grace and style.

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