Very few moments on the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival were as memorable to me as a videographer as this specific shot.
Lightning storms delayed the show for about an hour and a half. At one point all of the lights were off. But the fans in Montreal, Quebec Canada stuck it out through the rain and storm. I had just escaped from the catering area to the far left of the stage and production was freaking out. I ran on the main stage to find shelter from the rain that got worse as time passed. I had my radio on me and you could hear the crew and production team tracking the storm and figuring out what the next options were. Seether’s set had came and gone and we were unsure if the show would continue, as it was unsafe for the crowd and everyone on the main stage to even be there due to the lightning. I tried leaving the main stage but mud kept people from coming in and out.
As time passed, the crowd became impatient, so production decided to cut one song from Three Days Grace’s set and have them come on. The announcer came on and announced that Three Days was coming on, but after a bit of time. I was lucky to be on stage to capture this moment on stage, but all of the stage hands said to be careful because the risk of getting shocked and or slip and fall was super high. So I turned on the camera.
I walked from one side of the stage to the other and it was a pleasant surprise. Montreal exploded with cheer!
As a videographer it was one of those moments that makes you hungry for more. I felt like a rockstar. Short after shooting this, Calvin (road crew for Bullet for My Valentine) came out and dried the stage off naked. After an hour and a half, Three Days grace hit the stage.
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