SullenTV was at Nicole Caldwell’s photography studio in Orange, CA to hang out with German model Makani Terror. The Sullen Family is honored to welcome our first German Sullen Angel, Makani Terror. Makani Terror was born an only child in a small town called Duderstadt. In 2004, Makani got the chance to develop one of her passions into a career as a piercer and photographer in Hamberg and Ruhr, Germany. She discovered the other side of the camera, from the photographer to the tattoo model. Makani Terror has made international publications as a tattooed alternative model. Check out Makani’s amazing photographs at out more from the Sullen Angels on

Model: Makani Terror
Photography: Nicole Caldwell
Director of Modeling: Camille Winans
Director/DOP/Editor: Tom Martinez Jr.
Sullen Art Collective ©2012

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