SullenTV is Art Driven Television and a living documentation of the tattoo and art community and includes original segments such as:


Portfolio Peek – Snap shots into the portfolio art and lives of the best artists around the world

Sullen Angels – Watch as you get a front row seat into our gorgeous Sullen Angel photo shoots and an inside look into the new beauties added to our Angel family.

Tattoo Timelapse – A real time fast forward look into the world of being tattooed by the greatest artists from around the world

Tattoo Topic – Asking the worlds best tattoo artists their personal opinions on the questions that matter most in the tattoo community

Convention Coverage- Taking you around the world to the best conventions the tattoo community has to offer and giving you the inside look from the action surrounding the convention to the one on ones with our Sullen TV hosts

Under the Skin – Gives you one on one access into the personal lives and starts of your favorite tattoo artists from around the globe

Artist Spotlight – Using each individual artists personal style of tattooing and art, Artist Spotlight highlights the worlds greatest talents.,,,,,,,,,,

Promotional Video for SullenTV, an affiliate of the Sullen Art Collective
Infused Productions 2013

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