SullenTV “Convention Coverage” and host Bernadette Macias take a peek into their backyard at the 2013 Inxtravaganza Tattoo Convention in Anaheim, CA. Watch as they catch up with the Tattoo Reality stars from “Tattoo Nightmares”, Jasmine Rodriguez and Sullen Art Collective Artist Big Gus. Bernie also talks with Charlie Cartwright on what has changed in the tattoo game and talks tattoo care and prep with Mike Demasi, Freddy Negrete, Ryan Mullins and Mario Rosena.,,,, ,,

Big Gus was born and raised in the streets of Los Angeles. He began tattooing at the age of 14 and started tattooing professionally at age 22. He has become world renown for his specialty — black and grey photorealism. Gus is now the star of a hit TV show, Tattoo Nightmares along with Jasmine Rodriguez. Jasmine was born and raised in Yonkers and realized at a very young age she wanted to become a tattoo artist. This rising star prides herself in her artistic versatility and the ability to ink a complex tattoo in a short period of time. She’s known for her neo-traditional art and her elaborate script writing.

Charlie Cartwright is one of the pioneers that transformed the world of tattoo. In the early 1970s he came to Long Beach, CA to learn how to use electric machines. He wasn’t fond of color tattoos, nor shops that offered only cartoon-like tattoos on their wall so he opened his own shop and applied mostly Black and Grey tattoos. His story is featured in the movie Tattoo Nation.

Mike DeMasi has been tattooing since high school. He’s always been drawn to realistic tattoos. He now co-owns his own shop called Art Junkies, in Hesperia CA.

Freddy Negrete was incarcerated in the CA Correctional system for most of his teen years. While imprisoned, he began to apply considerable drawing skills to tattooing other inmates, using hand poke or home made tattoo machines fashioned from cassette player motors, guitar strings and batteries. Upon release he became the first professional Chicano tattoo artist. Freddy also featured in the movie Tattoo Nation.

Tattooing since 2010, Ryan Mullins has already inspired and motivated Tattooers and Painters from around the globe. Tattooing has become a rite of passage to him and has become second nature. He strives for excellence and puts 100% into everything he creates.

Some call Mario Rosenau the “Mad Scientist” and he’ll tattoo anything and everything. Not only he is a skilled tattooist but he’s also the innovator of Stencil Stuff (the products that have forever changed the way every tattoo is done today.) Mario co-owns Art Junkies, along with Mike DeMasi.

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