SullenTV flew out to Zwickau Germany to cover Randy Engelhards convention, The Zwickau Tattoo Expo. Bernadette caught up with Randy Engelhard, Boris, Carlos Torres, Carlos Rojas, and Pavel Angel.,,,,,,,,

Randy Engelhard – I’m Randy and I tattoo since August 2001. Since 2005 I had got my shop: “Heaven of Colours”. I specialized in colour-realistic-tattoos and I’m widely guided by my role models Boris, Mike De Vries, and Roman Abrego. Since a couple years ago, I attend international tattoo trade fairs and also work as a guest tattoer, in California, Las Vegas, Australia, Moscow, etc. Therefore, my schedule book is really tight and it might be a little tricky to catch a free appointment, but I can tell you, your efforts will be rewarded “Cheers Randy”

Boristattoo was established in 1996 in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary. Boris, as the owner and founder who has been tattooing for 20 years in realistic and fantasy styles has long been recognized as a leading artist on the international tattoo scene.In 2012 Boris decided to move his studio into the heart of Vienna, Austria where now he welcomes his customers in a comfortable, spacious and full of light area on 230 m2. Boristattoo employs tattoo artists who specialize in all styles of tattoo; also offers a colorful variety of international guest artists frequently.

Carlos Rojas currently tattoos at Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, California.

Pavel Angel is on of the best realistic tattoo artist in the world when it comes to his unique signum “stone-on-skin” style. Pavel is an amazing realistic artist in other aspects as well, and you really should take a look at his work!

Carlos Torres has been tattooing for about 15 years. Mostly self-taught, he worked at a couple of tattoo shops before he got his big break at So. Cal Tattoo in San Pedro CA. It was there he learned the most and started to perfect his tattoo portfolio. Specializing in Black & Gray realism, he loves doing all tattoos, color, portraits, etc.. He began painting about 7 years ago and has a deep passion for it. Carlos works and owns Timeline Gallery in San Pedro CA.

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