SullenTV was in Florida for the 2014 Tattoo Mania West Palm Beach Expo and caught up with artists such as Ron Russo, Timmy B and Tattoo Louie…


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RON570 began tattooing in 2000.A close friend of his had gone on a long unexpected “vacation”,and told Ron he could have all of his machines. Always wanting to be a tattooer from the age of thirteen he decided “Hell it can’t be that hard!” ,and started tattooing any friend who was unclever enough to fall victim to him running a machine on them.At this point not even educated enough in the tattoo industry to know it wasn’t a “gun”. Ron realized after a few months of hacking up so many victims that this path of learning to tattoo was not the correct one for him.He began to travel fifty-five miles a day to a shop called Images begging,pleading,trying to hustle his way into an apprenticeship. Owner Robert Kunkle told him more than a few times hit the road kid it just isn’t happening.Ron persevered,and refused to give up returning every day for six months until Kunkle wavered.He looked at Ron ,and said”Here’s a rake kid,you wanna be a tattooer,you start from the bottom up.” Ron finally had his in.He raked those leaves with more gusto than one would have thought. It was two acres,but Ron did not care if it was two-hundred.He finally was where he had always wanted to be.Till this day if asked Ron will gladly credit Robert Kunkle to where he is today.To describe Ron’s work it would most likely be considered realism,but with as much dark,and demented twists he can get into each piece he does.Ron gravitates to horror related pieces over any other subject matter. It is his goal to one day be featured in a horror magazine for his work. Ron Russo currently tattoos out of 570 Tattooing Co. in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Timmy B – currently living and tattooing in Long Island, NY; soon to open up a shop in North Hampton, MA. Timmy has been tattooing for almost 9 years now. His Can Art consisted of the actual word “Rockstar” as pertaining to musicians. It then transpired to his own passion in music, which then interpreted to his decision to create a base headstock with some popular traditional imagery of snakes and roses on the can art. Timmy started out doing a lot of realism mostly before social media really began. Timmy stated “After seeing the kind of realism artists out there like Nikko, Roman, Mike DeVries, I pretty much stopped doing realism pretty quick.” (laughing) He ended up going to work for a traditional artist that really knew how to “light a fire under my ass for sure.” Timmy B said, “Being apart of the Rockstar Energy Inked Up Tour is humbling. I’m pretty much in competition with my idols.” While at the Detroit Expo Timmy did two phenomenal pieces. The first was a re-work from a previous Detroit year, a hairdresser type of neo-traditional tattoo keeping to pinks and purples to keep it girly. The other tattoo was a “fancy gentleman goat looking back as if he is mad at a bartender for giving him some bad scotch.” Timmy B is part owner of Tattoo Afterlife in Huntington NY and has 4 cats.

Tattoo Louie currently tattoos out of Under the Gun Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA. His work consists of portraits. religious style, girls, spooky, rides, animals, and script from small to full leg, arm and back pieces. Louie has won many awards and accomplished much along his tattoo journey.

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