Sullen TV and Stencil Stuff present ‘Tattoo Timelapse’ with Josh Duffy.

Music by: Matt Casket,,,,,,,,,

My name is Josh Duffy, and I was born an artist. I have tried to escape from what I am many times and always ended up with a pencil or brush in my hand. Like my mom always told me, “it’s like diarrhea it runs in the genes”, but it sounds better when you say it rather than to read it. She is an extremely accomplished artist, and I feel sometimes as though I live my career in her shadow, although we lead two completely different paths in the art world. I have been around art my entire life, and making a great living off of it has never been a question for me. All of my family, including my mom, dad, stepdad, and my brother are all amazing artists, and work hard at what they do to be the best. I have that same drive instilled in me, although my mom has paintings all the world over, including a painting that was carried into space on the ‘94 Edeavor shuttle, I am hoping to achieve the success and recognition worldwide as she has. Who knows maybe I will meet an astronaut one day and sleeve him up haha. Until then I will be tattooing, painting, drawing, playing music, and raising a family. After all, I wouldn’t be doing what I do without the two biggest inspirations in my life, Family (and friends), and HEAVY METAL!

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