Damon Mitchell recently dropped his EP, entitled Elise. The EP features a who’s who of guest musicians, including Charlie McCoy and Tris Imboden, among others.

Mitchell explains, “Music has power. It is an act of creation. It is a language. Music is a conduit to something bigger than ourselves; something far beyond us. It is a conduit, and yet is simply how we tell our stories.”

With a sound described by a photojournalist as “A well-crafted cross between The Beatles and Death Cab for Cutie,” Mitchell’s music blends modern and retro influences into a heady, alluring sonic potion.

Embracing six-tracks, the EP begins with “Heist,” a sparkling pop-rock flavored tune featuring Mitchell’s tasty falsetto backed by scrumptious doo-wop harmonies. This tune is contagious as get-out because of its ebullient mood and bright piano tones. “Just A Face” rides a measured alt-rock melody showcasing a creamy, oozing organ that infuses the harmonics with delicious drawling textures, as Mitchell’s urgent voice croons overhead. Once again, yummy vocal harmonies suffuse the music with luscious colors.

“License Plate” opens on an upbeat So-Cal-flavored country rock tune. A stellar guitar adds gleaming accents, as the rhythm pulses ahead on the fat bass line and crisp percussion. I love the fiddle on this track, imbuing the harmonics with lingering melancholic hues.

“Salo” is one of the EP’s highlights because of its dark throbbing flow topped by Mitchell’s dulcet yet mystery-filled tones. A soaking wet guitar adds lush accents. “World In Her Eyes” travels on a tropical-flavored jazz melody, full of cool, sensuous undulations and smooth surfaces. A great trombone, lush and sexy, gives the tune depth and dimension, and sounds so good.

The title track concludes the EP, riding a cavernous bass line and extended snare, emphasizing the cogent rhythm. Low-slung colors emanate from the harmonics, imbuing the tune with elusive momentum and magnetic attraction.

Damon Mitchell holds it down on Elise, delivering contagious melodies, tight rhythms, and marvelous instrumentation.

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