Vancouver’s hip-hop artist Dr. BENTZ recently released “Risin’ Up.”

According to the good Doctor, “’Risin’ Up’ embodies the struggle of rising to the challenge to live out your dreams amidst the obstacles presented to you in life.”

A doctor of naturopathic medicine, Dr. BENTZ runs B.N.Z. Elite Performance Medicine designed to help musicians, actors, athletes, and corporate executives attain peak performance.

“I got sick and tired of seeing people, especially my friends, acquaintances, and people in Hollywood turn to drug use to help them cope with the stress and pressures of life and their careers. I knew there was a better way and that I could teach them how to take the edge off while achieving peak performance through naturopathic medicine.”

He also pumps out dope music, and is presently laying down tracks with Toronto producer, J Staffz, who has worked with Wiz Khalifa, G-Unit, YMCMB, and other big names. Not only that, Dr. BENTZ makes frequent trips to L.A., where he’s putting together more material with producer David Snow. Right now, Bentz is putting the finishing touches on a solo mixtape series of EPs.

Describing his unique brand of music as “next level hip-hop,” Dr. BENTZ merges hard-hitting electro-industrial ingredients with chill electronica and tasty hints of gospel into a synth-dominated pervasive sound.

“Risin’ Up” opens on surfacing synths segueing into potent trap beat topped by streaming colors. The muscular, resonant rhythm moves on brawny impetus as BENTZ’s wickedly textured flow infuses the lyrics with skintight infectious timbres. His delivery is clean and tough, full of slick wordplay.

Mid-range synths deliver waves of metallic hues, while a bright flute-like tone swirls overhead, giving the harmonics tasty layers of horizontal flavors, bottom, mid, and high. The layers coalesce into a contagious confluence of sonic dynamism.

“Risin’ Up” serves up a powerful beat, surging harmonic energy, and robust intensity, all topped by Dr. BENTZ’s tough flow.

Dr. BENTZ Social Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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