Acoustic rocker Benny Bassett will drop a new EP April 12. It’s called Words For Yesterday, and contains six-tracks. Once released, Bassett will support the EP by setting off on a lengthy international tour.

Explaining the EP’s inspiration, Bassett says, “This record is about a collection of moments where we either wish we had taken the opportunity to act, or where we try to act, but the moment has passed, or the intended audience has moved on. You start to doubt yourself, and your ability to live in the moment as a genuine being … you relive this quintessential life moment over and over, and try to chase down what you should have done. It can be self-defeating, depressing, and ultimately it can take a long time to realize your opportunity is gone.”

Each song on the EP signifies that fleeting moment, when words or inaction proved fugitive. And once gone the moment passes away, leaving behind disappointment.

Comparing his imminent EP with his last EP, Bassett says, “My first EP was full of hope, as I launched my solo career on the heels of the success of my band. But 200,000 miles on the road, devastating loss of personal relationships, personal betrayal, and ultimately finding a new love and new home, all led to this record.”

Opening with “Window To Forever,” Bassett sets the sonic stage with an elusively gorgeous soft rock melody. His rasping tones exude regret, sorrow, and apologetic timbres. A pale, glittering piano drives the melody, as a crying guitar soars overhead.

Highlights include “Down Below,” a dark number oozing brawny guitar riffs and a powerful rhythmic essence. This track exudes viscous textures and dirty surface colors, as Bassett’s voice drips with bluesy force.

“Find A Way” is my favorite track on the EP because of its plush, slightly wicked colors, opaque and surging with dark flavors. On the chorus, cashmere vocal harmonies imbue the tune with tendrils of gossamer tones and washes of creamy textures.

Words For Yesterday is a strong EP, rife with infectious streaming melodies, persuasive rhythms, and the yummy chafing tones of Benny Bassett.

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