San Francisco singer-songwriter Patrick Ames releases a new EP, All I Do Is Bleed, which underwent pre-release on March 23, and goes on sale April 4.

Ames’ career in music began when he was 14-years-old, which was when he started writing original songs. Later, while in college, he kept writing songs and performed. After college, he gave the music circuit a shot, but then went into book publishing.

Years later, now in his early 60s, Ames is back to his first love – music, writing songs and performing in intimate clubs in the Bay Area.

In the midst of recording the EP, Ames went to Buenos Aires, where the Latin music inspired him. You can hear the Latin stimulation on the EP, which includes vocalists, Chana and Mikaela, and guitarist Paulo Augustin Rzeszut, from Argentina.

Ames’ sound encompasses a vast assortment of styles, including R&B, American pop, classical crossover, Latin, and folk.

All I Do Is Bleed comprises four-tracks, starting off with “While You Were Making Babies,” riding an intoxicating pop melody with a contagious rhythm and cool, stylish washes of luminous colors. I love the backing voice, chanting “b-b-b-babies,” and the plush vocal harmonies.

“I Want You” opens on low-slung R&B flavors backed by a strumming guitar and a deep droning tone. When the melody takes hold, the tune oozes Latin tango savors, slow and sensuous. Ames’ voice exudes intense urgency and passion. Rzeszut’s delicious guitar infuses the tune with smoldering hues, warm and glistening.

“Te Amaba Locamente” travels on Latin flavors, featuring a syncopated rhythm comprising drums and bongos, as cashmere vocals imbue the tune with quixotic Spanish pigments. This track undulates on scrumptious harmonic flows, and is my favorite track on the EP because of its authentic feel.

“Queen Kae” combines elegant classical flavors with psalm-like vocal effusions atop Rzeszut’s delicately evocative guitar.

All I Do Is Bleed is excellent, rife with tasty innovative melodies, stellar vocal harmonies, and velvety, infectious harmonics.

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