Vipid will drop a new LP April 10. It’s entitled Daydream.

The musical project of Jared Simmons, who is based in St. Louis, Missouri, Vipid’s sound blends chill electronic music with dream-pop. Influenced by the sublime dream-pop of Tycho, Vipid debuted with Sunrise, in 2017.

Comprising 10-tracks, Daydream opens with “Wake,” riding fluctuating synth tones flowing into a powerfully pulsing bass line, accompanied by thudding percussion. There’s something elusively familiar about this tune, as if you’ve heard it before. The title track follows, featuring a quasi-industrial droning tone supported by a throbbing rhythm. Noir dream-pop is the term best describing this track, dreamy but full of darker savors as the harmonics coalesce.

Showcase tracks on the album include “Syzygy” with its stuttering, trembling frisson exuding Eastern mystic aromas, like smoke hovering on a windless day. “Canyon” opens on oozing colors riding a crisp groove. Metallic textures stream through the tune, giving it a nuanced sheen of burnished colors. When the harmonics pause, their resumption forecasts darker thrumming undertones as the luminous tones assume vibrancy.

“Seabed” starts off with burbling tones akin to dulcet chimes, and then adds the gentle serenity of an ascetic guitar. The visual image produced by the music is that of a quiet ocean bottom, just under the surface of still waters, rife with undulating sea creatures. “Pier” complements “Seabed,” adding brighter colors indicative of more animated activity, as swelling droning synths inject bright soaring flavors.

“Descent” travels on a Spartan droning intro, followed by the entry of a percussive thud topped with blistering snaps. A bass line enters, injecting depth as the sparkling hues overhead oscillate with gentle abandon. The bass line eventually takes on more resonance and vibratory timbres.

Daydream reflects wonderful arrangements, escalating tones and washes of color, all providing affluent attraction and delicious textures.

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