Indie-rock/electronic outfit Voyce Memos will drop their debut album, Catching Me In Stride, April 19. The first single/music video, called “Division,” was released April 5, and will be followed by a second single, “Indifferent,” April 12.

Voyce Memos is made up of Richard Borger (producer, engineer), Stephen Mokulis (drums), and Akash Gupta (producer, multi-instrumentalist). Once the trio began working together, their jam sessions mutated into full-fledged songs, later recorded in Borger’s home studio.

The band explains the album’s theme, “There are moments scattered throughout the album that bring out strong emotions, whether that be longing, confusion, sadness, anger, or understanding, and we believe it finally arrives at acceptance with the crescendo at the very end of the album on ‘Argentine.’ This album has something for everyone in both musical taste and emotional connection and we hope you all enjoy it.”

With 13-tracks, the entry points on the album include “Division,” a gently flowing, creamy dance-flavored tune with dreamy falsetto vocals atop a contagious rhythm. Trembling guitars and oozing colors from the synths infuse the tune with gossamer textures. “Hard Knot” opens on a potent measured beat topped by sparkling accents and smooth, suave vocals. There’s a hint of yacht-rock to this tune, cool and easy and infectiously warm.

“Benova” rides a sultry tropical groove exuding jazz-fusion flavors. A tasty trumpet provides vibrant tones that stream sensuously over the sparkling keyboards. “Indifferent” travels on a syncopated groove embellished with glistening jazz timbres and cashmere vocals accompanied by tasty background harmonies. The guitar solo, tight and incandescent radiates fusion jazz aromas.

The title track exudes persuasive R&B and soul savors. A cavernous bass line secures the song’s rhythm, as stuttering guitar tones add compact mid-range hues. “Conversation” features an R&B-infused EDM melody, pulsing with compact colors and hefty infectious impetus.

“Argentine,” the last track, rides a cool popping bass line supporting shimmering synths and a scrumptiously sputtering guitar. On the chorus, the tune swells with layers of delicious colors and degrees of resonance. The flow of this song is seductive and mesmerizing.

Voyce Memos really deliver cool, sexy soundscapes on this album, as well as marvelously mellow vocals and tantalizing rhythms.

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