Bulgarian pop/hip-hip artist Robbie Z recently released “Hot Wheelz.”

“Hot Wheelz” is the second single from Robbie Z’s forthcoming debut mixtape, REBELLIOUZ, slated to drop between now and the beginning of summer.

Only 16-years-old, Robbie Z utilizes social media to distribute and promote his music. His debut single, called “Copy-Paste,” was released in 2018 and, out of the blue, became a hit on YouTube. Because of the success of “Copy-Paste,” Robbie Z decided to push ahead even harder, writing more, and filming his own videos.

Robbie Z got his start by covering hip-hop songs by other artists, and then moving on to composing his own music, followed by a series of original music videos, such as “Gucci On Me,” featuring Matt Storm, and “TLTM.”

“Hot Wheelz” opens on stridently eerie synths atop crunching percussion. When the throbbing bass line enters, the tune takes on a hefty trap beat, backed by a deep oscillating tone. The juxtaposition of the keening high-pitched synth with the cavernous pulse of the bass and a thumping kick drum infuses the tune with tasty layers of sonic textures, one big and heavy, the other penetrating and shrill.

Robbie Z’s flow is tight, reminiscent of Post Malone with its sing-song rolling inflections and lyrics full of smart wordplay.

“Just an ugly girl dang, huh? Really honey? / I put you in your place, now, you lookin’ funny / Cringe level max, huh? Your photo session / Only if you go to the comment section / Y’all can’t reach my emotions / Your comment is just a glitch (to me) / Can’t you all just stop pointing? / Don’t you have something else to see? / From Gucci I got 7 bags / From money I got 7 stacks / I’m waiting for my 7 plaques / Rebellious got 7 tracks / Got 7 cars, meaning, 7 different ways I can run you over, bitch / When they come around, I just wanna hit the switch.”

Best line from the lyrics: “Wake up, glam arrives at eight, I might be a little late, cause I’m / Bathing in the hate, (duh),” a reference to the snarky comments on his videos on YouTube.

“Hot Wheelz” is a strong banger, full of contrasting tones, cool lyrics, and the tight and right flow of Robbie Z, who has a knack for delivery.

Robbie Z Social Links: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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