Alternative synth-pop artist Leon Seti recently dropped his latest musical creation – Cobalt.

The title of the album – Cobalt – mirrors the mysterious wonder of the sky and ocean, with their vast expanses of isolating depths. The music on the album echoes the frigid iciness of such solitude, becoming thicker and denser as the tracks progress. In the end, the sonic washes grow to be almost tyrannical.

Leon Seti is the solo musical creation of Leo Baldi, who conceived of the project in 2016. Before long he had released an EP, Talking Shadows, and an album, Genuflection. When Cobalt was released, it immediately rocketed to the top position on iTunes’ Electronic Albums chart in Italy, Baldi’s native country. The album’s sudden appearance from out of nowhere attracted the attention of the media, who compared Leon Seti’s work to Bjork and Madonna.

Along with playing at the O2 Academy Islington in London, Leon Seti has shared the stage with LaRoboterie, the renowned techno queer collective.

Comprising 10-tracks, Cobalt opens with the title track, a fusion of streaming synths and throbbing beats that expand slowly, adding layers of sonic colors, gliding and wafting overhead. As the music swells, shimmering hues infuse the tune with sprawling dynamics.

“South” opens on oozing synths supporting Seti’s deliciously soft yet penetrating voice. As the melody takes hold, the tune takes on electro-pop flavors with hints of new wave washes of color.

Entry points include “Silver Lining,” riding a thrumming groove topped by Seti’s evocative voice, velvety and soft with hushed energy. As sparkling synths rise up, the tune gleams with polished textures and radiant surfaces.

“Paranoia” delivers electro-pop savors laced with pulsing dance-lite energy surging on a potent rhythm. Seti’s voice, buttery smooth and iridescent, infuses the tune with urgent tones demanding immediate attention. The flow of this song is irresistible.

“Stripper” travels on strident synths on the crest of a muscular thumping beat, as shimmering synths bathe the melody in pastel glistening hues that expand to brighter colors glowing with galvanizing energy.

With Cobalt, Leon Seti proves his mastery not only over alternative synth-pop music, but exhibits his deliciously beguiling voice.

Leon Seti Social Links: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | YouTube | Spotify

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