To my fellow New Years Day fans…  our wait for Unbreakable’ is almost over.  The new, and if I dare say the best album from the band to date, will finally be available Friday, April 26th via Sony RED Music. Just one of the reasons this is a must-have album for my collection is that as I write this, I am blasting my early copy of the album. To be fair I have been playing it since I got it. This album is so powerful on so many levels and certainly worth purchasing the entire album.

Lead vocalist and power front-woman Ash Costello prove that not only is she a stunning beauty on par with Helen of Troy or Venus herself, but along with that beautiful facade and intellect to match, she also has a warrior spirit.  Being responsible for writing all the bands lyrics, each song resonates from somewhere within her soul and is a heart telling tale giving you a glimpse of where she has been. Whether it’s about those times that we all have where we are going through the shit that life throws at us,  or where she is at now (on the other side of it, stronger, and more fierce than ever). That is what the cut “I Survived” is all about. In fact, in our upcoming on-camera interview, she says it is her favorite cut.

My favorite cut is “My Monsters”. This song hit me so hard I actually cried the first time I heard it. I know… who cries to a metal song. Me, that is who… and why? Because it was so true and real as to what is going on inside me.

This album is so powerful because it is a tale of inner demons and personal battles, emotions, experiences and getting through all of it… all done to the metal serenade of New Years Day.

I could tell you about every song, but I want you to discover them on your own. So, when you open your eyes this Friday, April 26th, do your ritual morning potty break and then get your ass on the inter-web or out to your nearest music retailer to grab this album.

Be sure to see New Years Day live, out on the road now with From Ashes to New, Ice Nine Kills, and Falling in Reverse. If you can’t make it to their current tour, you can catch them this Summer on their first HEADLINING tour. Yes, do the band a solid and get your copy of the album this Friday, and get one at the show. Why 2 copies? Because it’s that good and you are going to play the shit out of it.

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