Gold Light + Snakemusk premiere “Being Sweet” on Tattoo. The song is from the duo’s forthcoming debut album, Shadows In The Shallows, slated to drop May 10.

In 2017, Gold Light (Joe Chang) and Snakemusk (Beau Campolong) hooked up in Asheville, North Carolina. Their mutual fondness for lovelorn songs rife with country savors provided the magnetism.

Prior to getting together, Chang had been performing as Gold Light since 2013, releasing two albums full of doo-wop rock and retro punk savors, and engaging in oodles of touring. On her part, Campolong got her start in SoCal’s vibrant punk/noise milieu. Not just a musical artist, Campolong is also a non-binary stick and poke tattoo artist, who frequently travels to various cities for guest artist residencies.

Explaining her passion for ink, Campolong says, “This year I’ve done a fair bit of traveling, doing residences at other shops or private studios throughout the US. It is a lot like when our band is touring, just rolling through town like that making connections with other folks and getting to talk shop and make buds. Everything I do is handpoke, so when I work in other spaces I can get by with a minimal setup. I’m influenced by personal and collective mythologies, superstition, natural history, and the list goes on and on.”

“Being Sweet” opens on a gentle guitar flowing into a smooth tune flavored with country-folk savors, topped by the duo’s delicious vocal harmonies. Chang’s tones, full of a drawling twang with touches of nasality, merge sinuously with Campolong’s buttery sylph-like timbres.

Simple lyrics, full of flirtatious charm, imbue the song with unpretentious magic.

“Well, I’d say you’re about as sweet as can be / I like the way you lean your head against me / Sometimes I catch myself / Smelling your hair / Wondering what it’d be like / To run my hands through there.”

“Being Sweet” exudes yummy down-to-earth warmth, an easy captivating melody, and the beguiling harmonies of Gold Light + Snakemusk.

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