We LOVE Beartooth for their high energy and “blow you through a brick wall” performances, but what happens when they’re limited to a small stage and are unplugged? Pure awesome! That’s what happened when they played the #ZippoSessions at Welcome to Rockville.


Beartooth performing for the #ZippoSessions at Welcome to Rockville. Photo by Rockwell Anderson

Watch & listen to a short clip of their performance right here https://youtu.be/UgKz8f14pL4But that’s not all of the Beartooth we got in one day.

There’s never a straight or easy path to confront one’s demons within, nor does everyone emerge from that battle smelling like roses and unicorn farts.

That was one of my personal takeaways from our interview with Caleb Shomo, lead vocalist of Beartooth, at Welcome to Rockville 2019.

Take a journey with Caleb & Oshie of Beartooth as #MischievousMel goes on camera and on The Edge to talk about their last album ‘Disease’, playing an acoustic set as well as a plugged-in set, and a whole lot more. Check it out at the following link

Written by Wes “Rockwell” Anderson


Beartooth at Welcome to Rockville photo by Sonya Whitley

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