Chicago’s alt-rock trio Microcosms recently released a new single, called “Forget Us.” The song is about the rich getting richer, while simultaneously trying to forget those less fortunate.

Made up of Andrew Tschiltsch (vocals, guitar), Bryan Emer (bass), and Jered Piepenbrink (drums), the band describes their sound as “making music to question your beliefs to.”

Or as frontman Andrew Tschiltsch puts it, ““I was questioning my place in the world. I wanted to spend my time doing what I felt would be valuable to society and make me happy.”

The answer to Tschiltsch’s philosophical inquiry resulted in him walking away from his job as a transfer pricing consultant to engage in a full-time music career. As the band reaped popularity, they dropped their debut EP, Know My Body, in 2017, followed by 2018’s Fairytale, featuring “Omnipotence” and “Wrapped Up.”

Microcosms has performed at Chicago’s most popular venues, such as Crown Liquors, Burlington Bar, Gallery Cabaret, and Café Mustache, as well as Metro Chicago, an event hosted by RAW Artists.

“Forget Us” opens on rumbling, syncopated drums and a spilling, roiling guitar flowing into a punk-lite-flavored alt-rock tune with mystical almost psychedelic textures. When the melody ramps up with massive muscularity, the harmonics swell with raw punk energy, surging with hefty resonance. I love the wavering sonic flavors of the bridge, as the pressure billows, and then explode with visceral oomph.

Tschiltsch’s voice features dreamy, floating tones that mousse up to wicked levels on the sizzling chorus.

“But all these fears that cloud our minds / Were placed by you every single time / To make us worry and lose our focus / And pretend all along like we didn’t notice / That all this time you’re pretending to care / Worrying about things that were never there / To stroke our egos and make us jealous / While you stuff your pockets and you try to forget us.”

“Forget Us” delivers smooth melodic timbres and pulverizing harsh-textured dynamics. The combination hits with grand sonic impact. Microcosms definitely has it going on!

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