Oddnote just released a new single, entitled “Dreams.” The single is from Oddnote’s sophomore album, Unknown, slated to drop later this year.

The musical brainchild of Arman Asadsangabi, who was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Oddnote dropped his self-titled debut album in 2018.

According to Asadsangabi, the first album was “very garage-rocky in nature, with me trying to figure out what to do with my life and struggling to accomplish anything.”

The inspiration for Oddnote surfaced when Assadsangabi watched Cage the Elephant perform at Bonnaroo. “I remember standing in the crowd,” he says, “just aching to write something that can truly resonate with people – and then the first album came about. From there, it’s only gotten easier to pinpoint exactly where I want Oddnote’s sound to go – and so far it’s been going in the right direction.”

“Dreams” opens on a spiraling synth backed by an acoustic guitar flowing into a grunge-flavored alt-rock tune. When the harmonics ramp up to wicked-levels on the chorus, the potent guitars surge with angry energy, riding on the pummeling rhythm driving the song’s momentum. A high-pitched tone travels on the crest of the muscular guitars, infusing the tune with a luminous accent.

The vocals range from creamy and supple on the verses to blazing with nuclear fulminations on the chorus, injecting the melody with contrasting textures, as well as disparate opposing dynamics. The combination suffuses the music and lyrics with both sleek and wildly raw energy.

“All the days I leave behind / Are days to calm my mind / And all the days I waste my time / I wonder if I’m fine / I can’t lie, I feel alive / I can’t lie, I feel alive / As the sun will set itself / It parts between the stars / It lights the way to all our dreams / And all of our past lives / I can’t lie, I feel alive.”

“Dreams” is excellent, delivering dual sonic surfaces, one smooth, almost elegant, the other exuding an aura of lethal visceral oomph.

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