Two-piece acoustic outfit The Stifftones recently released their new single, “Midwestern Town,” a song about their hometown.

From Greenville, Illinois, The Stifftones is made up of the husband and wife team of Shaun and Rachel Stief. Shaun has played guitar and fronted numerous band through central Illinois. The couple met in 2011. Shaun taught Rachel guitar, and they began performing together. Married just last year, the duo has been traveling across the U.S., performing everywhere and anywhere. Their sound features cool Americana textures amalgamated with deliciously interweaving vocals.

In 2018, they decided to take their music to the next level and laid-down a demo track of “Midwestern Town,” released a short while ago.

“Midwestern Town” opens on gentle strumming guitars topped by Shaun’s velvety voice. When Rachel’s voice enters, the two part harmonies radiate scrumptious savors traveling on buttery tones. Rachel’s injection of tantalizing accents infuses the tune with elusively nostalgic embers.

Full of lingering fondness, the lyrics tell the tale of intimate union with a place. On one level it’s sentimental and delicate, on another level it informs listeners of the intangible influence a locale has on the human psyche.

“Well everyone has a story, if they’re staying in this town / And most were passing through here, when fate decided to let them down / But if I had half a chance, I’ll tell you, what I’d do / I’d pack my bags and say goodbye, and catch the next flight home to you, home to you… / And Midwestern Town, you’re broken down, but you’re my home, you’re my home. (Won’t you let me go?) / And Midwestern Town, you’re broken down, won’t you let me go?  / You gotta let me go / Won’t you let me go?”

Infused with creamy sonic elegance, “Midwestern Town” offers exquisite vocal harmonies, along with an infectious flow of Americana music.

The Stifftones Social Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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