Everyone knows by now that the Vans Warped Tour, as it existed for over 20 years, is no more. Filling its enormous footprint is a streamlined, much more band and fan friendly Summertime traveling music festival known as the ‘Disrupt Festival‘ presented by Rockstar Energy Drink.

I say it is more streamlined, band and fan-friendly experience for several reasons. First, tickets start under $20 – half of the cost of Warped. Second, bands have consistent set times for almost every stop, allowing the fans to know when their favorite bands will play and giving the bands more time to get to the next stop knowing when they will be playing. Previously on Warped, bands didn’t know when they were playing until early morning the day they were playing, whether it was at 11:30 that same morning or in the evening. Third, no two bands play at the same time. The big problem with Warped was that often you couldn’t see all the bands you wanted to because, at any given time, 3 or more bands could be playing at the same time. This hurt the fans who had to choose who they wanted to see more, and it hurt every band that had to compete for fans with a more “popular” band playing at the same time. So many times I saw great bands that were or could be headliners with very small crowds because a more popular band was playing at the same time.

There are more reasons why I’m looking forward to covering the first-ever Disrupt Festival, starting in Dallas, TX June 21st, including the amazing lineup (The Used, Circa Survive, Sum 41, Sleeping With Sirens, Atreyu, Four Year Strong, Juliet Simms, and more), but I’ll quit babbling and leave you with recent interviews with 2 bands you’ll see performing on #DisruptFestival – Memphis May Fire at Epicenter https://www.tattoo.com/blog/matty-mullins-memphis-may-fire-talks-music-ink-faith/ and Hyro the Hero, also at Epicenter https://www.tattoo.com/blog/hyro-hero-epicenter/

Get your tickets now at https://rockstardisrupt.com

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Written by Wes “Rockwell” Anderson

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