Southern rock outfit the Jay Clark Band will drop a stellar new album June 28, entitled The Time Is Now, following on the heels of 2017’s Cocked & Loaded and 2018’s Turning It Up.

Made up of Jay Clark (vocals, guitar), Rob Carlson (lead guitar), Tony Ruscello (drums), Keith Westheimer (bass), and Dwayne Russell (keyboards), the Jay Clark Band, aka JCB, had its genesis when Jay Clark took off for Nashville in 2016 to lay down tracks for six new songs, forming his demo EP, Never Too Late. A few months later, he reentered the studio to record his debut album, Cocked & Loaded. The album exploded, and the band hasn’t looked back since.

The Time Is Now encompasses ten-tracks, beginning with “Not Giving Up,” a searing Southern rock number with thick growling guitars riding a hefty rhythm, all topped by Clark’s yummy rasping voice, infusing the lyrics with tantalizing snarling tones. A scorching guitar solo kicks the song into overdrive, as Carlson lays down his licks.

Entry points on the album include “You’re Going Down,” a heady tune reminiscent of Def Leppard, only more visceral and muscular, as scowling dark guitars ooze edgy flavors supported by a fat bass line and crunching drums. The ‘80s-flavored guitar solo grimaces with brawny dirty resonance, conjuring up memories of The Allman Brothers in their heyday.

“Bring Down The House” shimmers with Midwestern rock energy, potent and raw. A drawling organ imbues the tune with scrumptious seeping tones, as galvanizing guitars pump out thick thundering washes of beefy sound. “Stand Out” surges with strapping guitars and driving impetus reminiscent of AC DC covering Molly Hatchet. This track sizzles with nuclear oomph and reckless impulsion.

“Alive” slows things down a bit, featuring dominating guitars projecting ramparts of sonic force, as Clark struts his tasty grating vocals, parading the range and sheer clout of his voice. “Hell Of A Time” opens on opaque guzzling guitars flowing into a raucous country-rock ass-kicking tune. A personal favorite, this track’s contemptuous intro delivers a rabid bite leading into a seething bonfire of a melody.

Put simply, The Time Is Now delivers track after track of unbridled dynamism, rife with muscle-bound guitars, lashing rhythms, and the grand voice of Jay Clark.

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