Singer-songwriter Kevin West recently dropped a new EP, called Story of My Life.

Describing the EP, West says, “My songs are about my real life experiences and I think that gives it an honest quality people can relate to. The level of musicianship on THIS project is the best I have achieved so far in this long life of music I have been living.”

Born in San Diego, raised in New Jersey, followed by a stint in Charleston, South Carolina, and now living in L.A., West’s sound blends blues, rock, metal, hip-hop, jazz, and Americana into resonant songs about life’s trials and tribulations, as well as its scintillating beauty.

Story of My Life features a number of Charleston’s premiere musicians, including members of Ranky Tanky and Danger Muffin.

Encompassing six-tracks, the EP begins with “Best Of Mine,” a country-flavored indie rock number reflecting cool savors of SoCal soft rock amalgamated with Southern aromas. Reminiscent of The Allman Brothers Band, the song rides a compelling beat topped by deliciously drawling guitars.

“One Too Many” features a bluesy Americana melody on a measured groove. An oozing organ and a dirty guitar tone infuse the tune with dripping textures, as West’s slightly twangy voice delivers lyrics about a woman and too much alcohol.

“My Only Sunshine” rides a bouncy, buoyant melody atop a tasty rhythm. A gleaming piano and delicate guitar licks give the music a scrumptious flavor. Softly radiant vocal harmonies join with West’s Hank Williams-inflected voice, imbuing the tune with cool retro essence.

“Sweet Innocence” is a beautifully gentle SoCal country-rock number, with a stellar pedal steel guitar, delightful vocal harmonies, and a glistening guitar solo full of finesse and elegance. The title track delivers a blues-laced melody full of creamy jazz hues. This is a personal favorite because of its smooth flow and West’s evocative voice.

“Not For Nothin’” opens on a funky jazz beat crowned by a neat guitar and bright braying horns. A simmering, leaching organ adds metallic colors, as a tasty sax lays down a low-slung solo.

Story of My Life is surprisingly captivating. Infectious melodies, potent rhythms and West’s easy-to-listen-to voice make this EP a winner.

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