Pop singer-songwriter SHELITA just released her self-titled debut album, the full-length follow-up to her EP, Special, which collected more than 20 million streams and held down the 24th slot on Billboard.

The new album provides a musical chronicle of SHELITA’s journey through life so far, with all its struggles and heartaches, joys and triumphs. Produced by Bellringer and mastered by Grammy-winner Chris Athens, the album encompasses nine-tracks.

Born in Los Angeles, but raised in Seattle, SHELITA later moved to Europe to focus on her music, resulting in over 150 performances throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as the U.S. She exploded on the pop scene in 2017, hitting #14 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound Chart.

The first track on the album is “Religion!,” opening on glittering synths riding a potent rhythm, as SHELITA’s sui generis voice, velvety yet deliciously modulated, glides overhead. The alt-pop melody exudes shimmering colors topped by radiant vocal harmonies.

Entry points include “Live!,” which features oozing bluesy savors flavored with cool pop tinctures. The throbbing rhythm injects the tune with heartbeat-like pulsations, infusing the tune with intense passion. SHELITA’s voice trembles with urgent energy, infecting the lyrics with moving fervency.

“Penetrate!” opens on percolating tones accented by snaps flowing into a sensuous melody rife with deep sumptuous pulses juxtaposed against SHELITA’s sultry hypnotic voice. “Power!” travels on a vibrant piano backed by glowing synths, as SHELITA’s impassioned voice glides above, informing the lyrics with gospel-like  hues. The background harmonies on this song are wonderfully resonant, full of expansive breadth.

“Save!” delivers SHELITA’s dulcet voice pleading for salvation, as lustrous blushes of color glisten atop a semi-syncopated rhythm of pops and rounded percussion. A drawling organ infuses the chorus with mirage-like luminosity.

The final track on the album, “Special!,” rides an elegant piano supported by creamy flows of cashmere strings. “Special!” is perhaps the best track on the album because of SHELITA’s nuanced tones, infused by gorgeous fractals of graceful polished timbres.

Put simply, SHELITA the album is sensational, full of glossy harmonic textures, infectious rhythms, and the unparalleled luscious voice of SHELITA.

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