Tattoo artists share their craziest tattoo and client stories from clients baking cookies with “questionable” ingredients to romantic partners fulfilling fantasies.

Have you ever had a crazy tattoo experience? Let us know in the comments!

Artists in this video:
Kelly Doty:
Britt Whitman:
Sarah Miller:
Claire Griffin:
Dustin Rochowiak:
Amber Joy:
Robbie Ripoll:
Sonya Grenell:
Christopher Bettley:
Paul Booth:
Allie Oxenblood:
Steve Irwin:
Nicole Willingham:
Ryan Willingham:
DJ Tambe:
Anthony Michaels:
Josh Payne:
Nicole Elisa:
Killian Moon:
Russell Van Shaick:
Joey Tattoo:
Ryan Gatt:
Jason Ackerman:
Paul Marino:
Danny Lepore:
Megan Jean Morris:
Adam Perjatel:
Logan Aguilar:

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