One of rock’s hardest working goddesses, Betty Moon, recently dropped her ninth studio album. Entitled Hellucination, the album merges the contagious alt-rock sound Moon is known for with elements of electro-pop.

In an interview with Lenny Stoute of Cashbox Canada, Moon explained the inspiration for the new album: “Hellucination is a continuation of my story and my life’s movie. Some people pass judgement and think I’ve been living the dream. Smoke and mirrors. Others are jealous I’m living the dream. Envy is not a very good trait in the human condition. I try to enjoy every day and the extremely competitive are just unfortunate fools. There is room for many to enjoy the fruits of success if you’re prepared to work your ass off and be committed to it. But don’t impose your beliefs, your moral code, your rules aside from the law of the land, on me and my person. It’s my life, my body, my choices. I feel like the “my God is better than your God” position is rampant and that’s just not acceptable. If there is a hell it may be the one that’s here on this earth right now.”

Originally from Toronto, Canada, the genesis of Moon’s music career was anything but typical. Selling more than 10,000 DIY records earned Moon vast attention from industry labels. Subsequently signed to A&M/Universal, which released her self-titled album internationally, two singles – “One Kiss” and “I Get High” – from the album achieved constant play via radio, hitting the eleventh spot on MuchMusic’s Chart, followed by a major tour of Canada and Moon sharing the stage with Pink Floyd in Toronto.

In 2010, Moon relocated to L.A., releasing Rolling Revolution, her fifth album, followed by Amourphous, Pantomania, CHROME, and now Hellucination, comprising 11-tracks.

From a subjective perspective, the best tracks on Hellucination include “Save My Soul,” exuding both dark and luminous electro-pop colors topped by Moon’s radiant vocals. “Get Your Gun” features dirty grinding alt-rock flavors rife with pummeling muscular dynamism. A cavernous bassline establishes the wickedly potent rhythm, as Moon’s smoky sensuous tones infuse the tune with sumptuous sonority.

“Just Hold On” opens on pounding drums and a vibrating bassline flowing into brawny harmonics. Radiant background harmonies inject the lyrics with simmering hues reflecting off the beefy grungy resonance of the guitars.

“Love Me Like You” commences with glittering retro flavors seguing into an infectious melody running on hints of ‘60s Motown harmonies, electro-pop, and tight alt-rock savors. This track smolders with creamy sensuality, boiling with latent hormones.

“Crazy (What You Make Me)” rides a delicious house-driven melody full of electrifying pulses of dance dynamics. Moon displays the dazzling range of her vocal gift, alternating between lush viscous tones and polished timbres.

Innovative and jam-packed with infectious rhythms, as well as tasty harmonic flourishes, Hellucination offers listeners a superb aural experience.

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