Miami’s Grammy-nominated reggae fusion outfit Locos Por Juana dropped their new studio album, Crazy For Jane, just a few days ago. Crazy For Jane has already hatched three hit singles: the title track, featuring Common Kings, “Don’t Tell Me No,” featuring Freddie McGregor, and “Children of the Light.”

Guitarist Mark Kondrat explains the album’s title, saying, “’Locos Por Juana’ translates directly to ‘Crazy for Jane’ from Spanish to English. It’s always a question we get from new fans and old fans, what does Locos Por Juana mean and why did you name the band Locos Por Juana? I think for our English speaking fans it gives them a chance to feel more part of the music and also gives an explanation or at least a translation for the band’s name.”

Made up of Itawe Correa (lead vocals), Mark Kondrat (lead guitar), Javier Delgado (drums), and David Pransky (bass), the band recorded Crazy For Jane at Studio 26, in Miami, and Kondrat’s Blue Room Studios. Chock-full of collaborations, the album blends reggae, cumbia, and island swing into scrumptious musical brews, some light and frothy, others thick and heavy.

Encompassing 10-tracks, highlights include “La Solucion” opening on a smoothly flavored organ flowing into a tight and right roots reggae groove accented by suavely braying brass. Multi-part vocal harmonies infuse the Spanish lyrics with glossy radiance, as the horns and organ inject bright textures.

“Don’t Tell Me No,” featuring Jamaican reggae legend Freddie McGregor, rides a rolling reggae one-drop beat, as burnished vocal harmonies embellish the cashmere tones of McGregor, who imbues the lyrics with the creamiest of flows.

According to Kondrat, “This song [“Don’t Tell Me No”] was inspired by love and perseverance. The best things in life don’t come easy, and when something feels right the only answer is yes!”

The title track, featuring Common Kings, travels on an undulating island melody with a potent rhythm riding a fat bassline, as tropical-flavored vocals provide tantalizing tangs rife with bubbly hues. “Mi Interesa,” features the delicious voice of Maffio topping a crunching rhythm supporting gleaming harmonics pulsing with sensuous washes.

Crazy For Jane oozes cool Caribbean melodies, infectious rhythms, blushes of silky surface colors, as well as scrumptiously yummy vocals. If you’re into appetizing reggae, Crazy For Jane is GHI – gotta have it.

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