L.A.-Philly indie rock outfit Pistol For Ringo recently dropped their fifth studio album, entitled Kings Of Bad Behavior. The band’s name was borrowed from the 1965 Spaghetti Western movie, starring Giuliano Gemma.

Made up of Ben Arnold, Brian Murphy, Shane Smith, Matty Muir, and Steve Arm, the band has performed all over the West Coast, including trendy clubs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, where they opened for an S&M show.

According to the band, their influences embrace: “Velvet Underground, Wilco, Radiohead, Stones, Pixies… additional influences include the voices in our heads… and pretty much anything that makes a noise if you hit it, strum it or plug it in.”

Encompassing 12-tracks, the album opens with “PRICELESS,” riding dark guitars topped by slightly menacing vocals. A two-four beat infuses the tune with tension, as ominous guitars exude ill-omened colors.

Highlights on the album include “LOVE LIKE WATER,” a gleaming indie rock number with a Brit-Invasion savor, along with hints of psych-rock, as if The Kinks decided to cover Chris Isaak. Spangled guitars infuse the tune with glistening resonance, while the contagious rhythm worms it way into your ears.

“EULOGY” opens on thrumming energy rife with beefed-up subterranean tones from dirty guitars. Cool rasping vocals imbue the lyrics with wicked sensuality, as the driving rhythm propels the melody forward. Full of beau coup murky colors, the song attaches itself to the dark side of your soul.

“Built To Fail” rolls on harsh-textured guitars crowned by tasty vocals reminiscent of Don Henley, a little hoarse and scratchy, but severely alluring. Listen to the drum closely on this track, displaying power, finesse, and delicious fills.

“Bad Behavior” features bleak guitars flowing into a psych-rock/punk-flavored melody riding a measured semi-drifting flow.

Kings Of Bad Behavior is an excellent album, full of potent muddy guitars and enticing rhythms, evocative harmonies, and tight grainy vocals. Frankly, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this album.

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