Meet Colour of the Jungle, an alt-rock outfit from Southsea in the UK, who premiere the music video for “Steel Tray” on Tattoo.

“Steel Tray” is about continually getting back up when the world knocks you down, especially in today’s world, where you often feel like Hercules, confronting twelve impossible tasks.

Made up of John Harris (bass), Dan Fiford (drums), Joe Costello (guitar), Brendan McVeagh (guitar), and Jack Evans (vocals), Colour of the Jungle’s genesis was little more than five musicians getting together to jam. One thing led to another, and they found themselves in the studio laying down tracks for their debut EP, The Jungle Book.

The band’s sound, influenced by Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Growlers, blends the raw energy of garage rock with modern alt-rock elements into potent music.

“Steel Tray” opens on gleaming, crying guitars flowing into a tasty garage rock melody riding a fat throbbing bassline and crisp driving drums. Visceral surging colors infuse the tune with skintight dirty flavors, giving the harmonics a rumbling rolling feel. Lustrous accents from the lead guitar add lingering pining aromas, as Evans’ deliciously grating voice snarls overhead.

There’s an undercooked sensual savor to Evens’ tones, growling, hoarse, and chaffing, but at the same time inflected with scrumptious timbres exuding reckless tumescent relish – “But the doctor says it’s fine.”

The video, directed by Martyna Madej, depicts a day in the life of a man whose luck has abandoned him. He’s sleeping on the beach, where, after brushing his teeth in his makeshift bathroom, he dresses and walks through the town. As he trundles along, his jacket begins to attract bits and pieces of trash, like a magnet. Meanwhile, he’s popping pills to calm his anxiety. In the end, he takes a room in a cheap motel where he crashes exhausted on the bed.

“Steel Tray” is superb, enclosing an elusive familiarity while being distinctively original. The music is grandly infectious, with the highlight being Evans’ memorable voice.

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