It had been almost five years since we last had seen Eyes Set To Kill perform live at the Aftershock festival in September 2014, in Sacramento, CA. Previous to that, we were constantly running into them when they were playing in L.A. and we were living in SoCal, but for whatever reason, we just kept missing them when they played elsewhere and then we moved to Texas in 2017. They were active touring and we’ve been actively covering the music scene, but we somehow our paths did not cross. Finally, their tour schedule and our festival/concert schedule intersected at the 2nd annual #INKCARCERATION Festival in Mansfield, OH.

Watch and enjoy #MischievousMel as she re-connects with the band and gets the low-down on what we’ve been missing and what’s happening now and still to come.

Interview by Melissa #MischievousMel Anderson – Pics by Wes “Rockwell” Anderson

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