Tattoo artists talk about whether the legal age to start getting tattooed is appropriate, and if it should be younger or older.

At what age do you think it’s okay to start getting tattooed? Let us know in the comments!

Artists in this video:
Kelly Doty:
Britt Whitman:
Jess Brown:
Sean Gardner:
Ron Russo:
Alexandra Fische:
Robbie Ripoll:
Sonya Grenell:
Christopher Bettley:
Mark Longenecker:
Ryan Eternal:
Paul Booth:
Cervena Fox:
Allie Oxenblood:
Steve Irwin:
Dustin Rochowiak:
Amber Joy:
Kyle Devries:
Juan Salgado:
Nicole Willingham:
Ryan Willingham:
DJ Tambe:
Anthony Michaels:
Josh Payne:
Nicole Elisa:
Mike Devries:
Josh Duffy:
Big Meas:
Killian Moon:
Dave Tevenal:
Durb Morrison:
Lil Van:
Guy Aitchison:

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