Written by Melissa #MischievousMel Anderson – Pics by Wes “Rockwell” Anderson

Green Bay, WI… best known for Packers football, cheese and beer, can add to its resume “Rock and Metal scene”. Surprised? So were we!

On Thursday August 1st, the Green Bay Distillery hosted Sleep Signals, NONPOINT, and HELLYEAH. We had been to a different venue in Green Bay a few years ago, for the first time, and were surprised at how many established international touring bands had played there. The same was true on August 1st. New venue (to us) and a surprisingly strong list of established artists had played this venue, which doubles as a bar, restaurant, and banquet facility. Interestingly enough, it was also located right next door to Lambeau Field.

View of Lambeau Field from the Green Bay Distillery

Here is a recap if you were not among the SOLD OUT crowd of Hellions…

Sleep Signals, representing Minnesota, has the honor of being the opening act on tour with legends NONPOINT and HELLYEAH This is a band that is breaking out and one to keep an eye and ear on. This is the second time I have seen this band live and I have to say I recommend them to anyone who wants to be hit with a face-melting set.

Headliners HELLYEAH are out in support of their upcoming album ‘Welcome Home’ that drops on September 27th. If you thought the last few albums went balls to the wall, buckle up buttercup because ‘Welcome Home’ is a whole new beast. When “333” kicked in I got chills and the hair on my arms raised up. The lyrics are so raw, real, and brutally beautiful, which has been a hallmark of most HELLYEAH songs on their last three albums as lead vocalist Chad Gray has increasingly gotten more personal and willing to bare his soul within his lyrics. With the passing of Vinnie Paul las Summer, this album represents his last works, and Chad’s lyrics, in honor of his band brother Vinnie, don’t hold anything back. For people who don’t know, it was public knowledge that Vinnie had finished the drum tracks for the album weeks before his sudden passing. I am venturing to say that he is looking down and holding his horns high when the HELLYEAH boys take it to the stage.

HELLYEAH fans are more than metal heads, they truly are a family. They are there to support in good times and bad. A HELLYEAH show is not a concert, it is a visit with friends old and new. The boys never disappoint because they always leave everything on the stage and with their fans. They melted faces – but that’s what they do. The only difference now is that the man on the throne, who can never be replaced, is no longer with them in body, but remains in spirit.

Be sure to get your pre-order in for ‘Welcome Home’ now and see the guys when they hit a stage near you.

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