A few months ago, Chicago DJ and producer Matt Warren dropped Music Is My Life, a full-length album of contagious Nu House music, on the Wake Up! Music label, founded by MyMy Lady G, aka Pepper Gomez.

The album took off and became a hit. Motivated by the album’s storybook outcome, MyMy Lady G elected for an album of remixes, and not just run-of-the-mill remixes. Rather she wanted remixes by the crème de la crème of DJs: John Morales, DJ Spinna, Al Kent, Ralphi Rosario, DJ Lil Tal, Marcus Mixx, DJ Dominic Sustaita, James Flowers, and Michael A. Garza.

Encompassing ten-tracks, Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Volume 1: Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life begins with Ralphi Rosario’s “How Do I Love Thee (Radio Remix)” opening on gleaming synths and sensuous vocals flowing into a potent dance groove teeming with driving energy topped by a tasty trumpet, infusing the tune with brilliant galvanizing colors.

From a subjective viewpoint, highlights on the album include “Catch Me If You Can,” the JohnMorales M+m  Mix, riding a gorgeously sinuous rhythm rife with cool supple jazz tinctures percolating on the crest of pulsing dance dynamics. Braying brass accents combine with the robust rhythm, forming dual layers of surging flavors.

James Flowers’ remix of “Musica Es Mi Vida” opens on tripartite percussive tiers, imbuing the tune with a magnetic rhythm, as a fat rumbling bassline and spectral voices travel overhead. There’s a mysterious erogenous progression to this track, simultaneously voluptuous and primal. “La Rosa,” remixed by Michael A. Garza, travels on the visceral thump of a Thor-like kick-drum, infusing the rhythm with irresistible heft and throbbing oomph, as industrial-lite tones, snorting horns, and sensuous vocals slide overhead.

Ralphi Rosario’s Big Love Remix of “How Do I Love Thee,” the second version of the song bookending the album, exudes tantalizing sumptuous erotic flavors provided by lustrous glistening synths, along with a wickedly vibrating rhythm topped by seductive female vocals oozing lush tumescent savors, alluring and suggestive, full of enticing relish. This is my favorite track on the album because of its sultry indulgent impetus.

Marvelously wrought and arranged, Wake Up! Music Remixes DJ Wall Of Sound Volume 1: Matt Warren’s Music Is My Life thrums with palpitating dance energy and deliciously evocative remixes. This album definitely has it going on!

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