Silent Hearts premiere their new music video, “Ghost,” on Tattoo. Produced by Nick Sampson, with Max Klein, the song is a worthy follow-up to the band’s debut EP, Love || War.

Formed in 2017, in Marblehead, Ohio, Silent Hearts is made up of Ben Pusateri (vocals), David Dixon (bass), Michael Drum (drums), Dylan Kendrick (guitar), and David Gast (Guitar). The band’s sound blends potently contagious rhythms, hefty breakdowns, and captivating hooks into hard-hitting sonic concoctions.

Explaining the name – Silent Hearts – the band told Laura McCarthy of Distorted Sound, “Ben is our main lyricist, and so far, all of the content within the songs starting back with Love||War up to now have been purposely formed with the name and mantra of SILENT HEARTS in mind. The meaning behind SILENT HEARTS is one of hope and relatability. We want to represent those who feel they have lost purpose, lost their way, or feel they have collectively fallen silent. We want to be hope for the hopeless, and be a ‘Voice for the Voiceless’. The literal imagery used is representative of the lyrical meaning. We try to tackle a lot of very difficult topics such as addiction and mental health.”

“Ghost” opens on eerie chiming tones flowing into a measured alt-rock melody topped by Pusateri’s deliciously rasping voice, one of the best voices extant. Thick brawny guitars accented by glinting inflections infuse the verses with dark muscle, moussing up to hypertrophic muscularity on the chorus, which surges with galvanizing oomph.

A bass-filled rumbling breakdown crowned by gleaming peals shifts the sonic signature, as if taking a breath, and then ramps back into seething, formidable dynamism fused with cavernous resonance.

Dixon’s chunky bass and Drum’s finesse on the skins are impressive, adding solid depth and punch to the harmonics.

The video, directed by John Fleischmann, shot in washed-out grey and blue tints, bestows the visuals with an opaque-like tension and menace, as if trembling with portentous ambiance. The mask motif adds a spine-chilling aspect to the visuals, spectral and unnerving.

“Ghost” is more than impressive; it’s superb, full of compact viscous flavors, clenching intensity, as well as Ben Pusateri’s visceral chaffing voice.

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